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Visitation Guidelines Last updated 12/30/21

Call 911 If You Have a Medical Emergency.

Or go to your nearest emergency room.

The guidelines below apply to City and County of SF, UCSF, and first responder and emergency personnel, volunteers and students.

Our team is taking special precautions to keep you and your loved one safe while at ZSFG.

These guidelines can change as the status of COVID-19 changes in our community.

Download Visitation Guidelines (PDF)

Effective 8/11 all visitors must be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their visit (at home test not accepted).

All visitors, staff, contractors, other agency or city workers, vendors, suppliers, interns, volunteers and students are all required to be fully vaccinated by 9/30 to work at or enter ZSFG campus buildings. Visitors must provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of visit. This includes clergy. 72 hours begins on the date the test was administered. Click here to learn more.

Outpatient Visitation

One (1) healthy visitor is allowed to accompany a patient to their appointment.

Inpatient Visitation

COVID-19 negative hospitalized patients are allowed one (1) healthy visitors per day, for three-hours, social distancing permitting. No visitor swapping.

Visiting Hours
M-F 11AM-6PM,
Sat/Sun 9AM-5PM.

There are no overnight visits.
Visitors are not permitted for psychiatric patients.

Emergency Department Visitation
Effective 8/11 at 5AM visitors are not allowed in the Emergency Department. Compassionate exceptions apply.

Skilled Nursing Visitation – 4A
Visitation is permitted Wed-Sun 11AM-5PM.
Two (2) healthy visitors per patient for 30 minutes.

Compassionate Exceptions
(pertains to outpatient, inpatient & ED, unless otherwise noted)
For entry to ZSFG, all visitors must comply with the requirements outlined on the next page.

Visitor Exceptions: Applicable to: COVID-19 Positive, Suspected COVID-19 Patient & COVID-19 Negative Patients


  • Two (2) parent/guardian daily.

End of Life :

  • COVID-19 vaccine verification and testing not required for End of Life Visitors
  • Pediatrics: Two (2) parents/guardians per day.
  • Adult: Two (2) visitors per day. For COVID-19+ patients ONLY: the visit ends as soon as the visitor leaves the patient’s room.


  • Two (2) visitors for patient giving birth

Mobility Support

  • Outpatient only: One (1) visitor to accompany patient to their appointment.

Dependent Patient Support

Patients with psychosocial, intellectual, developmental or cognitive disabilities who rely on in-person support at home for medically necessary care.

  • ED: One (1) in-person support.
  • Inpatient: Two (2) in-person support during visiting hours.
  • Outpatient: Two (2) in-person support to accompany patient to their appointment.

Same Day Surgeries

  • One (1) visitor to accompany patients having surgery on the day of the procedure.

Communication and Cognitive Assistance

  • One (1) support person is allowed access into Emergency Dept with patient to facilitate communication and/or provide additional information regarding the patient’s condition and/or history. The support person may accompany the patient until adequate information and support is obtained. The presence of this support person does not replace a qualified interpreter, rather prevents gaps in understanding when there is an emergency involving a health need.

Patient and Loved One Support

We understand the importance of social connections and healing.
To stay connected with your loved one, we have support programs in place.
For questions, call The Office of Patient Experience (628) 206-5176.

Video Visits

We encourage you to use Face Time, Skype or other video platforms to visit with your loved one. If the patient doesn’t have a device, tablets are available in the hospital. Just ask the patients’ nurse.

Spiritual Care

We are here for you and your loved one in these times of emotional stress. Please let a member of the healthcare team know if you and/or the patient would like a phone call from our spiritual care team.

Meet My Loved One

Although you may be unable to be with your loved one, we want to provide personalized, supportive, and compassionate care for them as if you were at the bedside. You can complete the “Meet My Loved One” questionnaire to share what you want us to know about the patient and their needs. For a copy, ask the Patient Experience team in the main lobby.

Healing and Encouragement Notes for Patients

If you wish to send the patient a note or a photo that can be posted in their room, we will make sure it gets to your loved one. Please send the photo or note as an email to and include your contact information along with the patient’s name.

Call 911 If You Have a Medical Emergency.

Or go to your nearest emergency room.

Download Visitation Guidelines

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In-Patient & ICU Visitor Requirements

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