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Health Equity

At ZSFG, we believe everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Equity is different from equality: People with the greatest needs and fewest resources require more support to equalize opportunities and health outcomes.

Our goals are to address ongoing concerns about health disparities for San Francisco’s populations of color and create an anti-racism environment where all members of our community feel valued:

  • We are reviewing health outcomes to identify disparities and designing interventions to eliminate these inequities.

  • We are giving our staff the tools to build a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Advancing Equity Strategic Plan

ZSFG’s Advancing Equity Strategic Plan focuses on three areas:

  •       Reducing health disparities for our patients
  •       Ensuring equitable experiences for our workforce
  •       Advancing an overall culture of equity, inclusion, and anti-racism

We are implementing this strategy through the following initiatives:

  1. Patient & Community Engagement

    Building mechanisms for feedback from underserved patients and community members on equity and inclusion efforts.

  2. Communications

    Increasing external and internal communication regarding ZSFG’s DEI efforts and opportunities for staff to participate.

  3. Workforce Equity

    Reviewing and modifying hiring, promotion, and retention policies and practices to ensure equitable treatment and to build a workforce that reflects the patient population and community demographics.

  4. Workplace Culture

    Providing resources and training to support managers, supervisors, and staff to create inclusive and equitable workplace cultures.

  5. Health Equity

    Increasing support for departments to incorporate equity “drivers” into their performance improvement efforts.

  6. Equity Leadership

    Investing in ZSFG staff as equity and inclusion leaders across the hospital.

The ZSFG Equity Council

In 2017, ZSFG established an Equity Council with hospital leaders, front-line staff, and clinicians to empower our community to eliminate inequities and promote inclusion.

The Equity Council advises and supports ZSFG’s Department of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) and the overall organization on DEI matters. As an influential and collective voice, the Equity Council holds ZSFG Executive Leadership and the ZSFG DEI Department accountable in leading the ZSFG community in dismantling institutional and structural racism and building a culture of equity, respect, and inclusion.

The Equity Council is led by Co-Chairs Andrea Turner and Tanvi Bhakta.

Equity Council Members

Ana Delgado
Assistant Director, Inpatient Obstetrics

Andrea Turner
Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Tran
Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation

Bilal Chaney
Radiology Care Navigator, Radiology

Brenda Barros
Chief Clerk, Patient Access

Byron Decuire
Respiratory Therapist, Anesthesia

Elizabeth Lynch
Positive Health Nurse, Ward 86

Gabriel Ortiz
Medical Director, Medical/Surgical Care

Jeff Critchfield
Medical Director, Risk Management; Chief Medical Experience Officer


Jenson Wong
Director of Anesthesia Quality Improvement, Anesthesia

Lydia Leung
Medical Director, Family Health center

Monica Bien
Physician Assistant, Hematology-Oncology/4C Infusion Center

Rosaly Ferrer
Nursing Director, Specialty Care

Tanvi Bhakta
Nurse Manager, Medical/Surgical Care

Tess Marstaller
Risk Manager, Quality Management

Will Huen
Associate Chief Medical Officer; Medical Director, Quality Management and Kaizen Promotion Office

Equity Leads

Sophia Lai

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Andrea Turner

Chief Operating Officer, Executive Sponsor of DEI
Equity Council Co-Chair

Tanvi Bhakta

Nurse Manager
Equity Council Co-Chair
Health Equity

The state of health equity in San Francisco

Working to eliminate health disparities within the Black/African American community in San Francisco