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Rebecca Jackson, Chief
Misa Perron-Burdock, Medical Director
Marty Hutchison, Director of Midwifery Clinics
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Your Healthcare, Your Way

Healthcare that is sensitive to your unique life experience is what you get at the Women’s Health Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. If you are expecting a baby or need a women’s wellness exam, the Women’s Health Center is ready to serve you. Our clinic provides health care that supports you in keeping healthy during pregnancy and the other stages of your life. We offer the highest quality healthcare in a place where you will be treated with dignity and respect every time.


Our UCSF physicians are board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and are experts in pregnancy care, as well as routine care, such as pap smears and birth control. We treat most common medical problems, and many complex diseases such as diabetes and HIV.



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Zuckerberg San Francisco General
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  • Location: Zuckerberg San Francisco General, Building 5, 5th Floor, Suite 5M
  • Phone number: (628) 206-3409
  • Fax number: 415-205-4562


Hours of Operation:

Women’s Health Center
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Go to Zuckerberg San Francisco General, Building 5 (the grey concrete building). Take the elevators to the 5th floor. Follow the signs to 5M, check-in upon arrival.


Vaya al hospital (Edificio 5). Tome el elevador y vaya al 5.° piso. Siga las señales para llegar al Centro de Salud para la Mujer 5M. Regístrese al llegar.





All of our clinic physicians are UCSF doctors who are committed to providing you top-quality care that fits your needs and wishes. We listen to you and work to provide you the very best pregnancy care, as well as specialty gynecology services. We have the expert knowledge to serve you during low-risk or complicated pregnancy, and your other women’s health care needs.



One of our most popular options for pregnant women is receiving care from a nurse-midwife. Our highly trained UCSF nurse-midwives, treat you with care and compassion and are committed to supporting you to have normal labor. We work hard to be your partner in making decisions about pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and your overall health. If you decide to have a midwife, you will be cared for by that midwife all the way through your pregnancy.



You may enjoy getting care in our group program called CenteringPregnancy. If you feel this is right for you, you will have all your prenatal visits, breastfeeding and labor education in a group with a midwife and other pregnant women who are due around the same time. You can bring your partner or a friend with you, and many women find this style of care more enjoyable.

Call to sign up at (628) 206-3409.
Check out this video about our programs.


Family Birth Center: Families are born here

Beautiful room
With large private rooms, space for your family and friends to visit or spend the night, the Family Birth Center provides you comfort when delivering your baby. And every room has a private bathroom. The Family Birth Center has the lowest C-section rate of any hospital in San Francisco and offers you the highest quality of care. Our support for mothers, newborn babies, breastfeeding, and families has made ZSFG the only “Baby-Friendly Hospital” in San Francisco.

Call us to come by for a tour (628) 206-3409.

ZSFG Family Birth Center


HIVE Clinic: Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center

Creating a world where HIV is not a barrier to sexual wellness or safe pregnancies:
HIVE provides preconception (before pregnancy) and prenatal care to women and couples living with and affected by HIV (when one partner is HIV+ and the other is HIV-). We have videos and resources to support you in having the sex life you want, and the family you want.

Since 2004, all babies born in San Francisco have been free of HIV.

Call us for more information at 415-206-8919



Providers with Privileges:

Jocelyn Chapman, MD
Lee-May Chen, MD
Deborah Cohan, MD
Craig Cohen, MD
Philip Darney, MD
Eleanor Drey, MD
Geraldine Ekpo, MD
Juan Gonzalez, MD
Daniel Grossman, MD
Beth Harlemann, MD
Andrea Jackson, MD
Rebecca Jackson, MD
Vanessa Jacoby, MD
Risa Kagan, MD
Jennifer Kerns, MD
Abner Korn, MD
Karen Meckstroth, MD, MPH
Biftu Mengesha, MD, MPH
Sara Newmann, MD, MPH
Malini Nijagal, MD, MPH
Misa Perron-Burdick, MD, MPH
Michael Policar, MD, MPH
Melissa Rosentein, MD
George Sawaya, MD
Dominika Seidman, MD
Jody Steinauer, MD
Naomi Stotland, MD
Angeline Ti, MD
Juan Vargas, MD
Dilys Walker, MD
Sanithia Williams, MD
Marya Zlatnik, MD
Deborah Anderson, CNM
Emily Beck, CNM
Holly Cost, CNM
Kim Dau, CNM
Ana Delgado, CNM, NP
Julio Diaz-Abarca, CNM
Linda Ennis, CNM
Eva Goodfriend-Reano, CNM, NP
Margaret Hutchison, CNM
Laurie Jurkiewicz, CNM
Rebekah Kaplan, CNM
Deena Mallareddy, CNM
Mary Mays, CNM, NP
Jodi McKeown, PA
Whitney Miskel, NP, MSN
Kara Myers, CNM, NP
Andrea Pfeffer, CNM
Carmen Rivera, CNM
Dana Russ, NP
Kristen Sligar, NP, MSN
Gabrielle Westergren, CNM

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