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Breaking new ground for research

Together, UCSF and ZSFG adopt pioneering health interventions that translate research discoveries into better clinical care.

Using science to improve care

With research laboratories in close proximity to clinics, faculty collaborate across disciplines and make discoveries that transform health worldwide, driven by their focus on healing individual patients.

Research is a critical component of the UCSF-ZSFG partnership and provides a significant benefit to San Franciscans. UCSF’s mission at ZSFG is to provide patients with extraordinary care, informed and enhanced by research. Faculty members from all four UCSF schools – dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy – treat patients, conduct research and teach at ZSFG.

UCSF at ZSFG attracts leading physician-scientists who are committed to pursuing research that directly benefits their patients. A new research building will allow UCSF physician-scientists at ZSFG to continue to do vital research on pressing public health concerns.

Project Details

UCSF currently leases 212,000 square feet of research space from the City & County of San Francisco at ZSFG. The new research building will ensure compliance with UC’s seismic safety requirements and provide contemporary research and support space at ZSFG for UCSF physicians, researchers and staff.

UCSF will vacate its operations in Buildings 1, 9, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 100 at ZSFG. UCSF’s operations in Buildings 80 and 90 will move to Building 5 at ZSFG. The UCSF tenants in Building 30 will remain in place.

The proposed research building will be an estimated 175,000 gross square feet and will contain bench laboratory research, desktop research and office space. The proposed research building would provide workspace for approximately 680 existing UCSF employees at ZSFG and an additional 120 UCSF employees from off-site.

UCSF estimates that the building will cost approximately $160 million to construct. The proposed research building will be constructed at no cost to the City & County of San Francisco or the patients at ZSFG.

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