Visitation Guidelines

Visitation Guidelines (Updated 7/29/2020) – Click to Download 

Our team is taking special precautions to keep you and your loved one safe while at ZSFG. We have put special restrictions in place for visitors. These restrictions can change as the status of COVID-19 changes in our community. The guidelines apply to DPH and law enforcement staff who would like to visit with a loved one.

Outpatient Visitor Restrictions

Visitors are not permitted to accompany adult patients unless they require special assistance due to a disability or impaired understanding, or unless they are the patient’s primary caregiver.

Pediatric patients, elderly patients and patients with mobility, language or cognitive issues are permitted to bring one visitor during their appointment time.

Inpatient Visitor Restrictions

Inpatient Visitor Restrictions COVID-19 negative hospitalized patients are allowed one visitor per day (including clergy), for three-hours.

Visiting hours for the ICU are:
M-F 11AM-6PM, Sat/Sun 9AM-5PM.

For all other areas, visiting hours are
M-F 11AM-8PM, Sat/Sun 9AM-5PM.

There are no overnight visits. Visitors are not permitted for psychiatric patients. Exceptions will be made only for limited circumstances defined below. For all others, we will help patients and loved ones connect by using technology.

Emergency Department Restrictions

Visitors are prohibited in the Emergency Department patient areas.

Pediatric patients are allowed one visitor (a parent or guardian only).

Skilled Nursing – 4A

Visitors are not permitted.