Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)


Courtney Broaddus, Chief
Ditas Hernandez, Nurse Manager
Oliver Beech, Lab Manager



  • Located in Main Building 5, 5th floor, Suite 5K
  • Phone number: 415-206-8335
  • Phone number: 415-206-8335


How to make a referral:

  1. Referring provider fills out a PFT requisition
  2. Referring provider or their clinic calls our lab at 415-206-8335 for a date and time of appointment
  3. Referring provider or their clinic faxes requisition to our lab
  4. Once requisition is received, Pulmonary Test Function Lab staff enter the appointment in our computer system



Go to the main hospital (Building 5) Outpatient Clinic Lobby. Stand in the Registration line, which has a blue rug. After you register, please take the elevators to the 5th floor. Follow signs for 5K4. Enter the 5K4 Door.


Vaya al vestíbulo de la Clínica para Pacientes Ambulatorios del hospital principal (Edificio 5). Haga fila en el área de registro que tiene una alfombra azul. Después de registrarse, tome un elevador y vaya al 5.º piso. Siga las señales para llegar a la puerta 5K4. Entre en la puerta 5K4.


請前往主醫院(5號大樓)門診診所大廳。在註冊處的排隊,那裏有一個藍色的地毯。註冊後,請搭乘電梯到5 樓。跟隨5K4的指示牌。進入5K4大門。

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