Behavioral Health Program


Tiffany Cheuk, MSW, Behavioral Health Clinician
Marta Perez, MSW, Behavioral Health Clinician
Laura Pullen, MSW, Behavioral Health Clinician
Sandra Ramo-Larios, PhD, MPH, Behavioral Health Clinician
Veasna Chhith, Behavioral Assistant
Walter Reckons, Behavioral Assistant
Surayna Spicer, Behavioral Assistant


The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Primary Care Behavioral Health Team in the Division of Psychosocial Medicine at the Family Health Center (FHC) provides short- term behavioral health and social services to primary care patients in our clinics. We provide immediate access to behavioral health services in primary care clinic sessions, assessment and linkage to appropriate levels of care, brief targeted psychotherapy, psychiatric medication consultation to primary care providers, and social service intervention and linkage.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is part of the SF Health Network.

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