Employee Transportation

ZSFG SHUTTLE STOP RELOCATION, STARTED NOV. 1, 2017 – The shuttle stop at 24th Street BART (Bank of the West) was relocated to Capp Street at 24th Street. The shuttle pick-up/drop-off times will remain unchanged, get more information here.

Alternative Transportation

Ridesharing, Carpool & Vanpool
Sharing the ride with just one other person can cut your commuting costs in half and with vanpools save with pre-tax benefits. Whether you chose to carpool or vanpool five days a week with the same people or occasionally share your ride as a driver or as a passenger, SF Environment, Rideshare 511, and Casual Carpool can match you with others who want to share a ride. UCSF employees can match using MyCommute.

New apps offer flexibility for one-way, round-trip and sporadic carpooling. Learn about Scoop and Waze Carpool.

Bike to Work
Bicycling is a low-cost, healthy, and sustainable commute choice. High security bike cages and lockers are available on campus. To register to access the bike cages or to reserve a bike locker, email transportation@sfdph.org. NEW on-demand bike locker parking is available at ZSFG, learn more at BikeLink.

Buses and shuttles to the campus are outfitted with bike racks.  Learn the rules of the road, look for the best bike route, and learn how to prevent theft with the SF Bicycle Coalition.

Ford GoBike! is coming to ZSFG and is already available in the neighborhood. City and County of San Francisco employees get $25 off an annual membership with Ford GoBike! To sign up (SFDPH and SFDPW only) visit member.fordgobike.com/group/sfd, enter the password: 89bh5, and enter your City email address to enroll.

Commuter Benefits
Cut your transit costs by as much as 40% through a pre-tax payment for transit expenses like MUNI, BART, Caltrain, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit and the ferries. City and County of San Francisco employees use the WageWorks Commuter Card to store pre-tax money you elect to deduct every paycheck, UCSF employees use Commuter Check Direct. The cards can be used to purchase transit passes or link it to your Clipper Card.

The cards are meant to pay for transit expenses only. If you park and then take transit, you are eligible for up to $250 in benefits to pay for parking at a BART or Caltrain station. The parking lot must be run by BART or Caltrain. You must first be enrolled in the pretax program to be eligible for enrollment in the Parking Plan.

A free Clipper Card is available to City and County of San Francisco employees, a $3 savings. Request your card here.

Emergency Ride Home
Find yourself sick at work? Carpool ride is unavailable? Need to pick up a sick child from school? Bike have a flat tire? Commuters working in San Francisco who walk, bike, take transit, carpool, or vanpool to work and experience a personal or family emergency while at work, can use Emergency Ride Home and be reimbursed for the cost of the ride. Emergency Ride Home is free to employees and requires a reimbursement form with receipts. UCSF has its own Emergency Ride Home program for reimbursement.

Car Sharing
Membership based hourly car rental is called car sharing; car sharing allows you to leave your personal car at home and still have access to a car when you need it, no car payments, no auto insurance payments, gas is included and a parking space is waiting for you when you return. Multiple car sharing options are available in the 23rd St. garage: Zipcar, Getaround, and Scoot cars and scooters.

UCSF members can join Zipcar for $15 for the first year, join here and select “Students,” “Faculty and Staff,” or “Department” in the dropdown. City and County of San Francisco employees also receive a discounted Zipcar membership, email environment@sfgov.org, put “Car Share” in the subject, and request a discount.

Walk to Work
If you live close to ZSFG or to public transportation, consider walking to work. It costs nothing, creates no pollution, and requires no fuel. It’s an excellent way to exercise and connect with your community. The ZSFG community ranks high in a walking score, see the results.

Discounts on the Purchase of an Electric Vehicle
Discounts are available for UCSF Students, Faculty, Staff and Retirees for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Special promotions change often, check the UCSF Sustainability discounts page for more information.

Public Transit

The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center campus is served by multiple Muni routes: 9, 9R, 10, 19, 27, 33, 48, 90.  Go to Muni for route and schedule information. For your convenience, NextBus predictions are broadcast via monitor in the main and outpatient lobbies.

The closest BART stop to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is the 24th St. Mission station. Go to BART for more information, maps, and schedules. ZSFG offers a free shuttle connecting the 24th St. Mission station to ZSFG.


UCSF Shuttle
UCSF offers free shuttle service to campuses throughout the city, including Zuckerberg San Francisco General. This service is free to patients, visitors and staff. Go to UCSF for more information, maps, and schedules.

ZSFG Shuttle
Zuckerberg San Francisco General offers free shuttle service to the 24th St. Mission BART station during peak commute times. This service is free to patients, visitors and staff. Get more information, maps, and schedules here.

STOP RELOCATION, STARTS NOV. 1, 2017 – The shuttle stop at 24th Street BART (Bank of the West) is relocating to Capp Street at 24th Street. The shuttle pick-up/drop-off times will remain unchanged, get more information here.

When is the next shuttle? Go online or download the ZSFG shuttle app.
Online: us.fleetmatics.com
Android & Smartphone app: “fleetmatics reveal”
For both, username: zsfgshuttle@transmetro.org – password: zsfgshuttle

Employee Parking

On-Campus Parking
Parking permits for on-campus parking lots are provided on a first come, first served basis and currently there is a waiting list. Call 206-8770 for more information and to be placed on the waiting list.

23rd Street Parking Garage
The public parking garage, located at 2500 24th St. across the street from the hospital, is owned by SF Municipal Transportation Agency and operated by LAZ Parking. Currently there is a waiting list for monthly parking. Call 206-8770 for more information and to be placed on the waiting list. During weekday daytime hours, enter the garage through 24th Street.

The 23rd Street Parking Garage also has bike racks, electric vehicle charging stations, and car sharing options (City Car Share/Carma, Zipcar, Enterprise, Get Around, and Scoot) available to everyone. Valet parking services are also offered.

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ZSFG Transportation Services Program

About the Program
The Transportation Services Program has been created to meet the transportation planning and management needs of staff, patients, and visitors. The Program is made up of policies, incentives, tools, and information to support employees in making sustainable transportation choices for their commute trips.

Keys goals of the Program include:

  • Reduce the frequency of people driving alone to campus
  • Create tools which aid staff, patients, and visitors in the use of sustainable forms of transportation
  • Collaborate with organizational and governmental partners to assess, address, and improve transportation services
  • Minimize the negative environmental and human health impacts of auto emissions
  • Promote affordable, effective sustainable transportation for the ZSFG community and commuters

Employee Travel Survey
The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) conducts an annual travel survey of employees at ZSFG. This survey is designed to inform campus leadership of travel behavior in order to guide transportation planning decisions and to help improve the commute for employees traveling to the ZSFG campus. The report provides an analysis and evaluation of survey results while noting key trends between survey years.

ZSFG Employee Travel Survey 2016

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Questions? Call 206-2897 or email Georgina.Arias@sfdph.org or transportation@sfdph.org for more information about your transportation options.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center is part of the SF Health Network.

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Please call 9-1-1 if this is a medical emergency.

Please call Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital at (415) 206-8000 for general information.

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